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Ghost in the Maxi Hotel


An unexpected surprise awaited the workers during the reconstruction of the Hotel Maxi in Hradishu in 2008. While demolishing old partitions in the attic, they came across a hollow space. The worker who discovered him wanted to climb in, but an unknown force wouldn’t let him. So he went for the construction manager.

Meanwhile, the other workers rushed to the place. Curiosity got the better of them and they wanted to explore the interior. However, they turned out the same as their colleague. The space seemed to be filled with some unknown energy or something that prevented them from entering. Fear and a strange foreboding seized them all, and they refused to continue their work.


From that day, the guests who were accommodated in the rooms started to complain about the noise. Every night around midnight someone could be heard walking back and forth. The noise was coming from the attic from where the space was discovered. Neither the operator nor the owner could get to the bottom of the problem. On October 31, an unknown lady stayed at the hotel. She took her keys and went to her room.

Everything was alright. At twelve o’clock, the staff heard a terrible scream, and after a while a lady came running, saying that a bald head and the outline of a body appeared near the ceiling. She got scared and started screaming. The lady ran away, but her scream was so shrill that it startled even the mysterious figure, who disappeared through the nearest window. The next day it turned out that the lady is a sensitive and a medium, so she understands these things. After meeting the current owner of the house, she recognized in the mysterious figure one of the previous owners of the house, who refused to leave the house during the nationalization of the property after the World War and preferred to die in it.

For years, his spirit resided in the building and oversaw the protection and safety of the people who lived in it. Therefore, the owners decided to have a statue of him created as a memory of the old master of the house and protector. It is located in a walled-up window on the 2nd floor above the garden of Hotel Maxi and represents a running figure. The sculpture was created by Klára Turková from Auschwitz.