Hotel Surroundings

If you prefer sightseeing, you won’t be disappointed in Uherské Hradiště. The local shopping area and a bus and train station are within a distance of no more than 400 metres from the hotel.

The Municipal Information Centre is based on the Masaryk Square just 300 metres from the hotel.lrg_elfmark_0135_u2_panorama

The famous Moravian-Slovakia Theatre is 100 metres and the Gallery of the Moravian-Slovakia Museum only 80 metres from the hotel.slovacke-divadlo-2 14325566430

Visit one of the best preserved medieval castles – Buchlov. From the Buchlov castle go directly to Buchlovice, to a chateau with a wonderful park, which ranks among the most important Baroque aristocratic residences in the Czech Republic.

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The most significant are archaeological findings are the ones from the Great Moravian period. You should not forget to visit the Moravian-Slovakia Museum, the Monument of the Great Moravia in Staré Město or the Historical open air museum in Modrá.

The Uherské Hradiště region can also boast with real gems of ecclesiastical architecture, dominated by the basilica in Velehrad.

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Natural beauties come in many different forms. Significant locations (the Chřiby mountains, the forest in Kněžpole, the Rochus hill, the White Carpathians, etc.), educational trails (Kunovice forest, Kostelany nad Moravou, etc.), monumental trees or springs and wells.

You will hardly find a region similar to the Moravian Slovakia, with so many small vineyards and family-owned wine cellars.

During your stay here, make a trip to the Baťa Canal. It is 52 kilometres long and connects Otrokovice and Sudoměřice. Enjoy a trip on a boat, houseboat or the seat of your bike.

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Lovers of swimming and lounging by the water can visit all months the newly opened Aquapark.

If you like adrenalin games, we recommend you to visit new Laser Arena – one of the most adrenalin and the funniest sport game – in Otakar Street (50 metres from hotel)

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The local ski resorts provide conditions for all kinds of winter sports.

The offer of the Aero Club and of private entities in the non-public international airport in Kunovice includes sightseeing and scenic flights or tandem parachute jumps.

If you want to try the flight in a hot air balloon, visit the new Balloon centre in Břestek.

From events in Uherské Hradiště it is worth to mention the Summer Film School or the Moravian-Slovakia Wine Festival and the Day of Open Historical Monuments.

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