Hotel Surroundings

The surroundings of the  Maxi Hotel, which is located in the historical center of Uherské Hradiště, offer numerous important sites. Historical and natural localities are also found in the environs of the town. For more detailed information ask at the hotel’s reception desk or visit the Municipal Information Center (Městské informační centrum) at Masaryk Square (about 300m from the hotel, distances from the hotel indicated in parentheses).


Where to go for culture and history?

For theater lovers: Slovácké divadlo (100m)

Let yourselves be carried away by the actors of Slovácké Divadlo. See their busy program on the theater’s website, along with detailed information on ticket purchase or available seats for individual performances.

Slovácké Museum and Gallery (the museum: 1 km, the gallery: 100m)

You can take a pleasant walk to Smetanovy Sady to visit Slovácké Museum. Its regularly organized  exhibitions are designed to make every visitor happy. Just a short distance from the hotel is an official part of the museum – Slovácká Gallery. In addition to the unique architecture of the former armory, you will find here the works of local and foreign artists.

The Monument of Velká Morava (2 km)

In the nearby town of Staré Město behind the unique Sv. Ducha (Holy Spirit) Church is the  Velká Morava monument. The excursion to Moravian history offers examples of ancient systems of burying and the relics of some aristocrats.

Archeoskanzen Modrá (6,5 km)

Archeoskanzen in Modrá offers a realistic view of the Great Moravian fortified settlement in central Moravia (Pomoraví). You will find this place on the way to Velehrad; see the program showing everyday activities in the settlement in the above website.

Velehrad (7 km)

The Christian center of Uherské Hradiště, the town of Velehrad, is concealing numerous historical sites but the museum itself is worth a visit.  A particularly important place is the parish.

The Buchlov Castle (17 km)

The dominant of the Chřiby (Khrziby) Range is the medieval castle of Buchlov that towers over the surrounding countryside – you cannot miss it on your way towards Brno. Buchlov’s weekend program features various medieval attractions that you may complement by taking a walk to the Chapel of St. Barbara (Sv. Barbora).

The Buchlovice Castle (11 km)

Situated west from Uherské Hradiště , the castle of Buchlovice is a particularly attractive place to visit. Formerly an aristocratic residence, this Baroque gem is one of the most famous European centers in terms of architecture and extensive collections from the Habsburg era.


Where to go for open air nature and for entertainment?

Chřiby (approx. 13km)

Located west of Staré Město, the Chřiby Range is a real treat for enthusiast od pure nature, panorama tic views of rocky and wooded hills and valleys. Plenty of hiking paths for tourists take nature lovers from Buchlovice or Velehrad to the Sv. Barbora Chapel, the Buchlov castle or the ruins of Cimburk (Tsimboork). We recommend taking a tourist map with you.

The White Carpathians (Bílé Karpaty) (approx. 37 km)

The White Carpathians are stretching beyond Uherský Brod (Hungarian Ford) as the nearest mountain range. There are many opportunities for all types of tourism, enhanced with nature of magic beauty in nearly all localities in this region. If interested, you may visit local organic farms and enjoy their traditional products.

The Rochus Park (3,5 km)

The Rochus area is a unique locality where the region’s cultural treasures intertwine with the nature. Local guides will show you the lifestyle of the population during different seasons and visit with you the local wine cellars or the St. Rochus Chapel. This place is certainly worth your while.

The Baťa Canal (Baťův Kanál) (600m – the dock in Staré Město)

With a length of approximately 53 km, the canal connecting Kroměříž with Hodonín is an ideal place for a summer outing by boat. You may reserve a ride a tone of the docks along the canal and enjoy the view of the surrounding countryside from the boat. As your destination point, we suggest that you choose the Adrenalin Park U Baťáku in Veselí nad Moravou.

The KovoZoo (3 km)

Families with children will surly appreciate the opportunity to visit this unique ZOO in Staré Město, located is a spacious area near the manufacturing plant. Animals of all species are composed of smaller and larger components and the creative cells are bound to be exciting to visitors. The individual exhibits are made by local artistic blacksmiths.

The Leopoldov Spa (12 km)

Complete relaxation after a long day can be found in Lázně Leopoldov that is famous for its balneological procedures, such as the sulfur springs and baths that completely the body from all impurities and have a disinfectant effect. In short, there is no better place for relaxation.

The Aquapark in Uherské Hradiště (1,6 km)

The aquapark nearby offers great water attractions for the whole family. The weather does not matter, the aquapark’s offers both indoor and outdoor swimming pools and attractions. The new wellness center are a real treat for lovers of saunas and whirlpools.

The Ski Center of Stupava and Osvětimany (20 km)

The winter season invites to winter sports. Even in the Slovácko region, you can do downhill skiing and use one of the cross-country tracks. Both Stupava and Osvětimany have fully equipped bases for these sports.

The Laser Arena (120m)

If you are looking for modern entertainment, go to the Laser Arena. In addition to laser games, visitors may try out the center’s virtual platforms, PS4 Race Simulation and other activities.

Summer Film School

The event of the year in Uherské Hradiště is the nine-day-long Summer Film School that takes place annually on the break of July and August. In addition to continuous projections of the works of various authors and artists, the event. offers a complementary program of standup shows, presentations, and quiz evenings.

Celebration of Wine and Open Doors in the Slovácko Region

The first weekend of September is traditionally the time of wine celebrations in the Slovácko region. The festive weekend starts Friday evening with an opening program and continues on Saturday with a parade of the representatives of the region’s villages. The event continues through the night in open-door cellars on Vinohradská Street. We recommend to make a room reservation for this time.