Ghost in Hotel Maxi

During the reconstruction of Hotel Maxi in Uherske Hradiste during 2008, the workmen had an unexpected surprise! When they started removing old parts of the roof, they found a hidden space.

The worker who discovered this wanted to get inside to have a look, but some unknown power stopped him! Then the other workers came to look as well, being very curious – but they were also somehow stopped from entering.

The space seemed to contain a strange power, which stopped them dead in their tracks. They were all very scared and so frightened that they refused to work in the attic anymore. From that day onwards, guests who were sleeping in the room below, started complaining of strange noises in the night.

Almost every night around midnight, footsteps were heard walking around in the attic above. Even the owner could not solve the problem and was completely duch
puzzled by the “ghost”. Eventually, on October 31st, an unknown lady stayed in the room. Everything was fine until around midnight, when terrible screams were heard all over the hotel.

Suddenly the lady ran down the stairs still screaming in panic. When she had finally calmed down, she told the owner that she had seen the shadow of an old person with no hair, and, that she had screamed so loud that she seemed to have frightened the ghost as well – so much so that the ghost jumped out of the nearest window! The next day the owner found out the lady was a Medium and very sensitive to these things, being an expert.

After discussion with the owner, she saw in the hotel a statue of a previous owner, who had lost the hotel in the nationalisation after the War, but had hidden in the attic and died there. Over time, his spirit had dwelled in the hotel and protected the people who lived there. The current owner had decided to remember the protector of the hotel and placed the statue of him in a blank window on the second floor. This statue made Klára Turková from Osvětimany.